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All active LVBA members receive our newsletter that is kept up to date with club news, valuable tips, photos and access to archived newsletters.

Training Apiary

The LVBA maintains an apiary on the Lehigh Carbon Community College campus in Schnecksville PA which is used to teach new beekeepers basic skills and advance seasoned beekeepers to the next level.

Guest Speakers

The LVBA holds monthly meetings the majority of the year which consist of in-person or virtual events that often have notable guest speakers from the beekeeping community. Scientists, Master Beekeepers, Professors, and many other notable speakers have presented at the LVBA.

Extraction Event

Each year in July the LVBA holds an extraction event. On this day we will venture to the club apiary and show you how to get your honey supers prepared for extraction. We will then collect all harvestable honey supers and take them to an off-site location where we will walk through all the steps required to extract the honey. It is a fun time of discussing bees and getting your hands into the ultimate prize for your efforts, the Honey! You will get a bit sticky but it's fun for all. The is a family friendly event that all members and their families are invited to.

Fall Banquet

Each year in October the LVBA hosts a Fall Banquet where we get together and have a nice evening filled with socializing. No formal bee related program, just a nice dinner with like-minded beekeepers and their families.

Business Membership

If you have a beekeeping related product or service you are able to select the business membership which will allow you to maintain a listing in the business directory for the length of your active membership.

Swarm List

Active members that subscribe to the Swarm Catcher membership receive all the conventional benefits but are also able to maintain their own listing on the Swarm Catcher directory and get referrals for swarms.

Addon Subscriptions/Memberships

When becoming a member of the LVBA you can choose to also become a member of the PA State Beekeepers Association and/or also subscribe to the American Bee Journal or Bee Culture Magazine. Makes it easier to make one payment to the LVBA instead of having to manage so many different memberships/subscriptions.